“Half of the problems gets solved when you start caring and rest will be by your actions”- Anonymous.

That’s what great people do, they start with caring first and then the rest of the things starts happening in a right way.

This is a kind of simple truth which a lot of people might not believe in but it’s fine because it is what humans do. We don’t believe first.

A few days ago I was watching an interview of a great personality in which he was explaining a lot of things he had considered in his life. And their in the interview, he said some wonderful words.

He said to the interviewer that “If you get a chance to interview all the successful and great people and you asked them what is a success mean to them, How they had become a great personality, they would just reply, They don’t know. And the truth is they actually don’t know. It is the reality of all great people because they never cared for it. The day when they started working they had always loved the process of work, they loved the early problems and they never cared about the outcomes and the crazy thing is that, their every outcome was a present for them, be it in the form of failure or an experience of failure. Every single day they cared about the work they were doing. It was the foremost priority for them. So, it is important for all of us to care about what we are doing and why we are doing rather than dwelling on What will happen and why it end up like this, and other unnecessary questions.”

Why caring is the Zeroth Step?

Caring is the zeroth step of our life, it is where everything actually begins. Caring is what changes your what to do’s in your actions. Caring is what solves half of your problems. Having a lot of problems and then having a feeling about the solutions for them could make you a great person. There were people who were not born great, there were people who were not born genius but they have the mindset of care, care first, that’s how everything starts for them.

A lot of people had achieved lot of thing in their life, be it fame, be it an honor or sometimes an abundance of pennies and everything they did was their curiosity, their feeling to care first and they loved the problems around them because this is what they wanted, they wanted to solve problems, they wanted to find answers to this complex world.

99% things don’t matter and rest we don’t care, left is ZERO so why are we living, why did we get a life. Think about it for a moment.

Fact is, everything is simple it is we who are making everything complex and hard. And it is just one hard reality. Nobody wants to care about what the hell is happening around us and there we fail and lose.

There are a lot of people who think about a lot of ideas and they don’t do so to be in the list of great people instead they just do because they see a world of problems and they feel that they can help the world to become a problem-free place for every person to live. They care about our living, they care about the future and this makes them great.

You know what we do we see the reality of our life in the mirror and if it looks good we feel good and we see it again & again and if it doesn’t look good we just ignore it and that’s what we are doing wrong. We just ponder over things and if it looks good, it feels good we feel good and if it’s not we just don’t care without even realizing that it’s our thing and we are responsible for it in one way or another.

Be early to care first.

One last thing, Throughout our life people fear losing but I believe that it is just a myth because nobody fails, nobody ever loses. We are born to win and we win every moment but we just never cared. You might be wondering how you win every day it is just you have to take the optimism and positivity on your zeroth step. And you have to remember that when you fail at any point of your life and someone wins not by taking your loses as a next step but by taking your mistakes, your wrongdoings, by keenly observing your life then you just become one of the reasons of there winning. And eventually you win, you were successful in losing.

But do we care? Ask yourself. You will get the answer.