Everyone has a dream. Really? May be not.

Everyone has wishes. Really? Somewhat true.

And the best thing about the wishes are we can have countless of them.

We wake up in the morning we make a wish, we see someone happy we make a wish, we see someone sad we make a wish,we see someone rich we make a wish. We wish & wish.

They are countless, every morning, every evening, every night before going for sleep we can make a wish. Unlimited wishes.

But….Do they actually count in our life? Nooooooo…

Because they just make us feel good for a minute or maximum for a day.

But still we thrive hard to find a life satisfaction wish that can change our life.

By observing some part of my life I realised that life is all about work,dreams and goals. Every life has a start and end but what matters is what is in between start and the end. One day everyone will reach an end, but what is interesting is how beautifully we will reach the end. The whole story is all about your journey from your start to end.

I have a very simple answer to all those people busy finding why they have been born and the simplest answer is you have been born to make this world more beautiful for next generation of humans to live in & other species too. And also to solve problems may be of your family, of your company or of your friends.

Okkk….let’s come to our fight between dreams and wishes.

I think dreams are something your life can depends on. Every person who had left the world doing something remarkably or being defined a great human had a life dream that he/she wanted to achieve and they just worked everyday to fulfill that.

Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther king Jr are some of the great people that had a dream on which they defined their life.

Yeah, It is true that initially they don’t had a dream but as they observed life they started building their dreams like for Mahatma Gandhi, dream was to make India independent & own a respect for an individual indian with the help of non violence movement , for Steve Jobs, dream was to make the technology a tool for people to create beautiful things, for Martin Luther king Jr, dream was to end the racism in U.S.

Without a dream, Life is hard to live. As everyday you need a reason to live and reason could not be just limited to a high paying job, having friends for fun, or having a big family to spent time. It must be something bigger, bigger than your life.

ELON MUSK, an odd person is the living example who has defined his life on one dream, He wants to die on mars, in other words. He wants to colonize mars to make humanity multi species. And he did not just get this dream while waking up one morning, instead he had built this dream since his childhood in his mind, in his heart and he started working on that when he became able to do. But before this, he also had some small concerns or I can say small dreams like building electric cars, solar based cities, safe artificial intelligence.

And everyday he woke up and just go to work upon his dream. He don't need any other thing. He knows what is the story he wants to write. And he just work super hard.


I just want to say to you that wishes has the power only to make you happy for a second or may be for a day but you need to have a dream or purpose that can make you and your life happy till you are here in the world.

For the past 2 to 3 years I have also trying to build a dream to which I can define my life. By studying and observing the life with my own instincts, I have realised that technology has the power to solve our problems, it may be AI, VR, blockchain, or any other future technology but this is something where I can make my way to my dream. And still I am constantly thinking and trying to build my life dream just like great people did so that I can also define my life on a dream and building it.

Just like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more great people, we can also build our dreams and then our life will be defined by these dreams. And If you have not still find your dream, don’t worry just spend more time with yourself.


“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things”- Albert Einstein.

Just want to say to two lines here,

“Work hard until you feel proud of your work and then work super hard until your work becomes your identity and work like hell until your work becomes a legacy for others to follow.”