From the day one, when we start observing the world with our own eyes and we try hard to solve the complexities of some vague theories, then at every single step we have been told that this is important, this is good for you, you should do this and many more sentences like these. But we have never been told the reality, and the reality is that every single thing in this world is important, but some of the things are most important, which they never tell us. And we should really care about those most important things. Because they have the real value in our life.

For me, one such most important thing is SELF-AWARENESS.

When we talk about awareness we always talk about general awareness, global awareness, political awareness and so many awareness stuff!

And even more, we always want to be aware of what is happening in the world. We want to be aware of what is happening in our friend circle. We want to be aware of everything, just every single damm thing.

But did we ever think that are we missing something which we need to be aware?

My simple answer is Yes.

We are missing our self-being, our own being, our self-awareness.

We thrive hard to attain every knowledge of the world, we want to know every single fact, we want to learn every single thing but in this pursuit, we forget to know our self.

Our self-being which is the beginning of everything, a thought to change the world starts from your self-being, a thought to help someone starts from your self-being, a thought to learn something starts from your self-being, a thought to love someone starts from your self-being but still we are not letting our self to know our self-being.
You know, all the knowledge, all the facts, all the science could be found in the world but the knowledge of your self-being could only be found in you, neither in the world nor in the books and also not on the Wikipedia. Nobody can tell you what you love to do. Nobody can tell you what is important for you.

Your self-being is just your thing, no one can steal it from you. You have the complete right to it. Don’t just let anyone change it, be it your parents, be it your friends, or be it any fucking person. Just don’t let them do that.

Let yourself know your self-being. Because when you will get to know your self-being then you will become the most knowledgable person, because you know you better than anyone else.

You got 31536000 minutes(approx) in your life or even more or less and the world teaches you something every single minute but don’t get trapped in the conspiracy of the world. Solve it and make it clear.

You got to find the answer of your self-being, you got to find what you love, you got to find what you hate, And you got to find what you care the most. Then figure it out, How you can move the things you love and just remove the things which you hate.
And when you do this you will never be the same agian.

Leave everything, forget everything, set yourself free from all the kind of work for just one day, and do what you love just what you love and don’t care about anything. Question yourself not just one time, just do that every time until you get an answer.Find the most productive work you love to do, be it sleeping or speaking, Just find it. Find the most productive time of the day when you get the lot of ideas, be it mid in the night or mid in the day, Just find it. Find the most productive environment where your brain works 1000x faster, be it your bathroom or an open ground. Just find it.
And make it clear and sound it loud to yourself.

“ If you know what you are doing is the damn right thing you love to do, just don’t ever give a f**k about anyone, just do your thing.”