I often try to visit a new place every month, and I also like to travel solo. But this was the longest one among all the solo trips till date. In solo traveling, you get complete freedom to choose time and place. I usually make new friends, and if you're an introvert or trying to improve your communication skills, this is the best way to overcome all the fears and come out of your comfort zone. And if the place you're visiting is like Sikkim, which is blessed with natural beauty, you bring a memorable experience, which you can feel for years.

I decided to visit Sikkim because it was always there in my checklist. And also, some of my friends from West Bengal have visited this place several times. So I was all set up to visit Sikkim (or at least, that's what I thought). I get to know that April is the best month for me to visit because I didn’t have any past experiences of staying at a place when it is snowing. In April, you can see the snowfall and at the same time, you can easily bear the temperature. Also in general, April end is the best time to visit this place.

All the photos which I took from my phone are posted here without any editing so that you can get a clear idea of what to expect.

Total days: 7
From: Bangalore
To: Sikkim via Siliguri
Travel Mode: Flight till Siliguri
Month: April
Total Cost: around  30,000 INR

As a backpacker, I like to stay in Zostels [1]. But this time it was completely different, there were no Zostels in Sikkim. In Zostels, you don’t have to make an effort to communicate with others but the challenge was totally different here. I’d no other option but to stay in some hotel where generally people only come with their families and I mostly saw some newly married couples there who usually avoid talking to others. But still, I made a few friends and enjoyed a lot. So let’s start this journey from Bangalore.

Day 1

How I reached Gangtok

I had no other option but to take a flight from Bangalore till Bagdogra airport, Siliguri. The departure time of my flight was 5:35 so I decided to leave the city at 11 and spend the whole night out there and I met some cool people at the airport having the same thought and we’re still in touch. Unfortunately, they were not going to Sikkim. So I reached Siliguri at 9 AM. I don’t know if this is relevant or not but I saw an awesome sunrise from the airplane.

In my flight, the person sitting just next to me was from Siliguri so he took me to the Sikkim stand which is in front of the railway station as I didn’t have any idea how to reach Gangtok. At that place, I had two options: either take a shared taxi (you can take a personal one if you want) or a bus. Oh and yes I also saw that there was a helicopter service. So I took a shared taxi because the driver of the bus told me it would take around half an hour to start. But I took a bus while returning because I wanted to try something different(but not helicopter 😂) and it was more comfortable than the taxi.

Shared Taxi: 250 INR
Bus: 150 INR

From the Taxi stand to my Hotel

I wanted to be in solitude for a couple of days so I booked a hotel (the griffon’s nest [2]) which is a bit far from the famous M.G. Road. But none of these taxis or buses go till the M.G. Road. So I asked other taxi guys to take me to this hotel and they were asking me around 800 - 1000 INR but I reached there in 45 INR all thanks to one fellow passenger in my taxi. He was working there in Gangtok. He checked the place and told me to come with him because this hotel was on the way where he was going. So first we took a shared cab till M.G. Road and then another shared cab from a different taxi stand which is on the other side of this road(but you have to take stairs) and then I finally reached my hotel.

Here are a couple of photos of the outside view from this hotel:

I took this photo just before it was raining…
Kind of balcony where you can sit, have a coffee/tea and enjoy the view which I shared above.

Evening at M.G. Road

Some photos at MG Road:

Night at the hotel

Night view from the hotel

I spent my whole evening at M.G. Road and went back to my hotel and had dinner. I’m a vegetarian so I was worried if I can get the proper veg food or not but fortunately, I didn’t face any problem. That wasn’t a weekend so the hotel was a little empty and I was having a conversation with the staff on which places should I visit and how can I reach there. They told me that they have contacts with the local cab drivers and they can show me all the places but I took a photo of the list of those places and rented a bike next day to visit the places.