So many years have passed on and we have evolved from one thing to another. But it is fascinating that one of the reasons why we are here at this stage, living in the so-called modern world is Insanity. The insanity of some human beings that brought us here and moreover which will lead us to a new exciting future which is unimaginable and unpredictable.

You know among Passion, Care, Empathy, Regret, and Motivation, there is one more word, which is Insanity. Insanity is the most powerful hidden force that drives humanity and every single human being on the planet. When you are stuck in the people’s opinions, your insanity will take you away. When you are stuck in the society’s trap, you're insanity will help you to tear it down. When you are stuck in your own thoughts, your insanity will give you the power to think beyond it. It is just the insanity, the greatest word for every human being.

One thing which was common between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and many other great personalities was Insanity. They were insane to follow their passion, they were insane to not listen what others will think, they were insane to achieve what they believed in, they were insane to not take life as granted, they were insane to do something which people would never think. And you know they died insanely. For them, Insanity was the greatest thing which happened to them.

You know what people are doing, people are loving 99% shit and leaving, ignoring 1% value and they don’t know that this 1% value is dominant over 99% shit, Just think over it. It is just upon you what you want & where you want to be. The most wonderful feeling in the world is being in love with the insanity. When you become insane with yourself, you don’t want anybody, your expectations become zero. You don’t care anyone point of views, you just don’t need anyone, you just need insanity, more and more every day. And When you become insane with yourself you will definitely know what you want to do.

Motivation is just a lovely feeling.

Let me tell you one insane feeling and you will be amazed by it, Did you ever notice that everyday you wake up successful. Yeah, It’s 100% true. Because you get one more day to love yourself, one more day to do what you love, one more day to achieve what you want in life.

What If's

Let’s imagine, What if you were not born. What if you were not able to walk.What if you were not able to Speak. What if you were not able to understand. What if you were not able to hear. What if you were born an orphan. What if you could not have been to school. What if you could have died while going to school. What if one day your school building collapses. And most important 'WHAT IF' is what if you will not wake up tomorrow. Quite dangerous. Right!

There are so many WHAT IFs in our life & we never take them seriously. We don’t care that every second given to us by some god or some mighty power, is very important. We never realize that we are born successfully in the race of millions of sperms. We wake up successful every day without even realizing that there are people who don’t get an extra day to live the life. We go to bed every night without thinking how many people died or could not be sleeping tonight. These What if’s are so dangerous, so dreadful that you would always wish grateful for not having one of them. That’s is one kind of INSANITY. And the good news is we have millions of these kinds of insanity. Just find an insanity for yourself.

Insanity is the synonym for deep love. Insanity is being in deep love with yourself. You can’t love anyone until you love yourself insanely. Don’t be insane to become next great entrepreneur, next great scientist, next great footballer instead every day become more insane than you were yesterday and do what you believe is right. Everything else is just secondary.


One difference between insanity and sanity is Limits which is what insane people don’t have. You will meet the insanity beyond your limits, beyond the infinity, just have a clear perspective and go on. And you will know when you will meet the insanity, and it will be most wonderful thing you will ever meet. Then there will be only two things, you and your insanity, nothing else. Period.

I hope you would try to become more insane and do something be it 1% what you believe in. That’s enough to make a difference.

Thank you, everyone for reading.

Insanity is the Greatness.